This surgery is often performed on people who have lost a large amount of weight or women who have had multiple pregnancies and are living with excess skin and tissue on the lower abdomen. 

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What is abdominal contouring?

Abdominal contouring is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, medically referred to as a panniculectomy. The procedure is often performed after weight loss to remove loose, saggy, hanging skin in the abdominal region and can also be performed to treat health conditions such as rashes or infections that occur under the skin folds. In some cases, a panniculectomy may be covered by insurance when deemed medically necessary. 

The decision to have a panniculectomy is a personal one, and it is important to discuss any questions you may have with an experienced plastic surgeon so you can make an informed decision. Our team at Precision Medical Arts is here to help.

Creating a More Toned Appearance

Pannus is the clinical term for the excess skin and fatty tissue that can droop over the thighs and genitals. A panniculectomy is a plastic surgery treatment that removes the pannus.

The panniculectomy procedure offers several practical benefits. Excess tissue can make genital hygiene difficult, cause skin irritation, and impair movement. The plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Arts can help you understand if a panniculectomy is right for you.

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Understanding the Causes of Pannus

Pannus can develop in those who are obese or who have recently achieved drastic weight loss. The onset may be progressive in those who are overweight or who are losing weight due to dietary changes and exercise, or it can be immediate in those who undergo bariatric surgery.

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When to Consider Abdominal Contouring

The pannus may be a single fold or multiple folds of loose skin. Depending on the amount of excess tissue and the depth of sagging, the pannus can limit one’s ability to maintain hygiene; moisture can become trapped and contribute to irritation, rashes, and skin ulcers. The position and weight of the extra skin can also strain the back, making both standing still and movement uncomfortable. It can also make your clothing feel awkward and ill-fitting.

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Why Choose Precision Medical Arts?

At Precision Medical Arts of NY, we offer a full-scale surgery office with state-of-the-art examination and procedure rooms. These rooms are outfitted for cosmetic and advanced reconstructive cosmetic procedures. Not only will our team of specialists guide you through the recovery process and your preprocedural care, but we ensure that you will be treated with an unparalleled level of care throughout your journey. We understand how difficult problems such as pannus can be to deal with, how they can make you feel, and how they may impact your life. We are here to help you achieve your desired look. 

The Panniculectomy Procedure

A panniculectomy shares some similarities with an abdominoplasty, although a panniculectomy does not involve tightening the abdominal muscles or repositioning the belly button.

The surgery most often uses two incisions, one that extends between the hips and another from just below the sternum to the pubis. The hanging skin and excess fat are removed, and the remaining skin is stretched taut and closed.

Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Ideal panniculectomy candidates are nonsmokers in relatively good health who have maintained a stable weight range for about six months. You should not plan to bear children or lose substantial weight following a panniculectomy.

It’s important to have realistic expectations about what the procedure will accomplish. A panniculectomy is not a weight-loss treatment or a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet, both of which are important to continue to enjoy the results of surgery.

Additional Reasons for a Panniculectomy

Panniculectomies can also be done for people who have a condition called panniculitis, which causes inflammation of the tissue beneath the skin. In some cases, a panniculectomy may be performed as part of a more comprehensive surgery, such as a tummy tuck or body lift.

The decision to have this surgery is made on an individual basis, and several factors will be considered before surgery is recommended. These may include the amount of excess skin and fat, the degree to which it affects your quality of life, and your overall health.

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Recovering After Your Procedure

Recovery times and expectations vary based on the specifics of each procedure, but sutures are typically removed within a week or two following the surgery. Most patients can resume work and other routine activities within a couple of weeks. Your surgeon will monitor your recovery and gradually clear you for increased activity.

Exploring Your Alternatives

Some patients who have loose, sagging skin at the base of the abdomen may achieve the desired results with a less invasive procedure.
If the amount of skin and fat is not prohibitive, liposuction can be an option. Others may benefit from an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, which also tightens the vertical abdominal muscles. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss other possibilities and make a recommendation based on your unique needs.

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The first step in your journey is a private consultation with us at Precision Medical Arts. You can expect our professionals to listen closely to your concerns, and to work with you individually at every step to ensure you are delighted with your results, and enjoying a happier, more confident life.

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